Fotofinlandia 2011

Fotofinlandia is Finland´s premier photography contest. The jury makes its decisions tomorrow and finalists for 2011 are declared on Wednesday. Below are my two candidate series.

It´s three years since last Fotofinlandia. Fotofinlandia 2011 was started last year and continued this year with preliminary juryings among Finnish photography organizations. These organizatons are members of Finnfoto and there in total some 8000 photographers who are entitled to participate. 35 series have made it into semi-finals to compete for a place in Finalist exhibition. Fotofinlandia is for series, not for single photographs. Two of those 35 are mine and the best 12 are shown in Finalist exhibition later in November. The final winner (and taker of 20.000 €) will be announced on December 4th. 

My two series can be seen below as they would be seen at finalist exhibition. If...

Every nominee had to be designed to be hanged on a wall which is 4,4m wide and 1,9m high. Grey borders show the size of this wall and image sizes relative to wall. My series are printed on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique, which I now use for exhibition purpose for the first time after many tests. Printer is my Epson 9900 pigment printer and prints are mounted on DiBond. All images shot with Olympus E-P2 and D.Zuiko 50mm f/2 Macro.


Update November 2nd:

Moonlight series Cold:Snow - Moon:Light  went into finals!

Finalists can be seen here.

Update November 30th:

Fotofinlandia 2011 was won by Maija Tammi with her series Bingo.