Apps and discussions with Olympus

OM-D iPad App

Olympus has published an iPad app which is available for free at Apple App Store. It is called OM-D catalog English, which already very poetically tells what it is about. It is a brochure in the disguise of an app. 

The good: 

- A quite comprehensive overview of OM-D and underlying technology, newest mFT lenses and accessories.

- The new (and quite magnificient btw.) 60mm f/2.8 Macro is included (but you have to realize to navigate downwards in both occasions to find where, while all the other pages are flipped left - right).

The bad:

- Some image samples are soft because of careless conversion into app

- Images can not be magnified, and no gestures but swipe at all

- Un-logical use of text boxes as links or not, and generally navigation not too intuitive

- In some tables the text is too small (or unsharp) to be read at all. (Even tried to take a picture of some text and magnify but no...)

Come on Olympus, you can´t just scan a printed brochure into pdf and call it an app. So last millenium. Yes, of course this is not scanned from a printed brochure, but that´s mostly what it feels like. Why don´t you give the reader a magical ride instead of a mild frustration and feel of dis-orientation? Even so, it is worth downloading.

Learning photography under Maitani

I was yesterday in Frankfurt, Germany, and had the priviledge to meet Mr. Akira Watanabe from Olympus Imaging, Tokyo. He is now working as General Manager at Branding Strategy Department. I showed him a small portfolio of my images which led into a long and relaxed discussion on many sides of photography while having lunch. As a freshman at Olympus he worked under Yoshihisa Maitani, the genius behind Pen, OM and XA cameras. Mr. Watanabe worked originally as an electrical engineer and designed for example some of exposure related systems for OM-4. As our discussion started from images he told how Mr. Maitani taught his engineers photography. They studied with him, took pictures and showed prints which were then analyzed by Mr. Maitani. This tradition is still honoured so that young people starting at Olympus are encouraged to take pictures and be active in photography. The engineers must shoot with both Olympus cameras and cameras from competitors to have personal and practical experience of them. The love of photography and enhusiasm for it expressed by Mr. Watanabe was a quite impressive experience for me. This was something I have rarely seen and felt. Besides this I was also given by him an just as rare glimpse into visions and developments in camera technology. It really was a priviledge! And sadly, my reader, something that can not be shared here. 

This is important

One thing I´m allowed to say though. Mr Watanabe told me that Olympus is working on a body that will support the Four Thirds lens line-up.